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What Spanish is used in the CommuniCard™ products?

The Spanish we use is based on what we learned during extensive interviews with Spanish speaking workers who work throughout the United States. Since the majority of these workers are from Mexico, the Spanish used by CommuniCard™ reflects their dialect and word usage. Some of the terms most commonly used to describe work are either the English term or a hybrid “Spanglish” word. An example of an English word adopted by Spanish speaking workers is “drywall” or “sheetrock”, which is used instead of “tabla de yeso”. A commonly used “Spanglish” word is “troca” for “truck” (English), instead of “camion” (Spanish.)

What type of research was done for the CommuniCard™ products?

Over 1000 people were interviewed, including employers and employees. Focus groups were held throughout the USA, including northern and southern California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Georgia. Concepts and illustrations were tested for ease of communication, effectiveness, and cultural sensitivity.


About CommuniCard

CommuniCard™ pocket-guides and card sets use illustrated drawings for English and Spanish speakers to communicate contractor and housecleaning tasks without speaking.

The fold-out guides are easy to use, and fit in a front or back pocket. Card sets for housecleaning are also available to leave behind instructions when your house cleaner visits.

CommuniCard™ products are available for worker tasks such as lawn care, painting, demolition, drywall, irrigation and housecleaning service. Illustrations are included for supplies, tasks, pay per hour, work experience and a variety of general instructions. CommuniCard™ LLC can also create customized products for your business.

The English and Spanish is included on the drawing for those who wish to speak. Both employers and workers who use CommuniCard™ can be confident that their instructions are understood to get the job done right the first time. CommuniCard™, improves efficiency and reduces misunderstandings by removing language as a barrier.