About CommuniCard

CommuniCard™ pocket-guides and card sets use illustrated drawings for English and Spanish speakers to communicate contractor and housecleaning tasks without speaking.

The fold-out guides are easy to use, and fit in a front or back pocket. Card sets for housecleaning are also available to leave behind instructions when your house cleaner visits.

CommuniCard™ products are available for worker tasks such as lawn care, painting, demolition, drywall, irrigation and housecleaning service. Illustrations are included for supplies, tasks, pay per hour, work experience and a variety of general instructions. CommuniCard™ LLC can also create customized products for your business.

The English and Spanish is included on the drawing for those who wish to speak. Both employers and workers who use CommuniCard™ can be confident that their instructions are understood to get the job done right the first time. CommuniCard™, improves efficiency and reduces misunderstandings by removing language as a barrier.

No need to speak. The pictures do the talking.

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Benefits of CommuniCard™ Products:

No need to learn another language – illustrations convey desired tasks
No need for translators or an English/Spanish dictionary
Pocket guides fit in front or back pocket and are durable for outdoors and repeat use
Card sets allow you to “leave instructions behind” when you’re not there
Saves time and money by getting the job done right the first time
Trade specific with a wide range of relevant applications and uses
Can be customized to many service industries
Researched and tested for effectiveness on the job site
The Pictures do the Talking.

Illustrations are the key to communication for the CommuniCard™ products making them faster and easier to use than English/Spanish dictionaries. Their economical costs and easy availability make them a reliable communication tool for trade-specific tasks. The illustrations convey descriptive tasks without the need to speak.

CommuniCard™ can be customized for your specific service industry. Contact us at sales@thecommmunicard.com or call 512-560-6385 to customize a CommuniCard™ for your industry.

Better than a dictionary

Many English/Spanish dictionaries do not include regional expressions or task-specific words and phrases. Time is wasted and comprehension diminishes while struggling to find the correct word and pronunciation. Because CommuniCard™ relies on illustrations to communicate, these language barriers are eliminated.

No need to meet face to face

The illustrations are numbered so employers do not need to meet face to face with employees who use CommuniCard™ products. It is possible to simply call an employee and direct them to perform one of the numbered illustrations.

CommuniCard™ Mission

CommuniCard™ products help people work together to get the job done without needing to speak the same language. CommuniCard products were created in a spirit of sharing and are meant to improve relationships between employers and their employees as well as provide opportunities to increase understanding and learn from each other. As Dr. Maya Angelou said, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

Sylvia Acevedo

Sylvia Acevedo is the founder, President and CEO of CommuniCard™ LLC Her desire to bridge cultural language barriers led to the creation of this entirely new line of CommuniCard products. CommuniCards‘ are a common sense approach to communicating with today’s multicultural work force.

Sylvia has been an executive at top Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Dell Computer, Apple Computers and Autodesk Inc., where she had a track record of success in creating high growth in both domestic and international markets.
Sylvia began her career as an engineer working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA designing algorithms to optimize cargo loads for the Solar Polar space missions. She designed the manufacturing floor plan for IBM’s largest showcase manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA.

Before starting her most recent business, CommuniCard™ LLC, she was a founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing of REBA Technologies before it was sold. Previously, Sylvia was a Director at Dell Computers, where she led the creation of the first Pan-American ecommerce website for Latin America.

Sylvia loves her dogs, enjoys golf, nature and helping people develop a passion for their lives. Her engineering degrees are from Stanford University (Master’s) and New Mexico State (Bachelor’s) where she graduated with Honors and served on the Board of Regents. Sylvia resides in Austin, TX.

Mario Acevedo

As Development Director, Mario Acevedo’s role with CommuniCard™ LLC is to build brand awareness, identify market needs, and cultivate business relations with retail, corporate, non-profit, and government clients.

Through his efforts, Communicard is becoming recognized as a brand leader and has expanded commercial opportunities with custom products created for the Austin Police Department and other non-profit/government organizations. His duties include product development in which he analyzes communication barriers in English/Spanish situations to develop illustrations and visuals that will improve workplace productivity and worker safety.

Additionally, Mario researches demographics and cultural issues to promote consumer education and articulate market trends. To support the Communicard’s commitment to become the leader in English/Spanish communication products, Mario brings his broad experience as an IT expert, engineering consultant, technical writer, and accomplished artist. In the Communicard’s efforts to secure market niche through grass-roots initiatives, Mario uses skills honed as an executive volunteer and community fund-raiser.

He can be contacted at mario@thecommunicard.com

Janet Osimo

As a marketeer and market researcher, Janet is known for creating communication strategies based on her ability to uncover consumer perceptions and attitudes. With 14 years of marketing experience, Janet has conducted market research for notable and diverse organizations such as NASA Johnson Space Center, Dell Computer, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, and medical professionals.

Janet has extensive international and cultural experience, and has traveled and worked in every continent except Antartica. She has extensive work experience in Latin America, having run successful marketing campaigns and events in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Chile.

Her primary research focusing on marketing strategies for the space program has been published and translated into other languages.

She has a Master of Arts in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin and an Undergraduate degree based in psychology and human behavior from California State University, Fullerton. She is an avid bicyclist and is an active participant in the Pet Therapy companion program.